Tiago Fernandes Carrijo  

Professor at Universidade Federal do ABC

Centro de Ciências Naturais e Humanas
Bloco Delta, Sala 206
Rua Arcturus, 03, Jardim Antares, 09606-070
São Bernardo do Campo, SP, Brasil

+55(11)97270 6733 / +55(11)2320 6235  


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"The large majority of termite species are not pests under any circumstance, but instead carry out wholly beneficial activities."

"The conservation of termite populations under conditions where land-use changes are accelerating and natural habitats increasingly disturbed and reduced, is therefore clearly linked to soil fertility and sustainable subsistence agriculture." 
(Bignell, 2006)

"The evidence is overwhelming that the roach Cryptocercus is either the ancestor of termites, or is closely related to the ancestor, which is extinct" 
(Cleveland et al., 1934)

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